Small class size makes a big difference.

Our educator has decades of experience teaching, and understands the importance of small class size. Unlike many other schools, Thomas School of Real Estate consciously limits capacity to ensure that more individualized attention is available to students of different learning styles, and to increase the opportunity for classroom interaction. Thomas' students use tablets and laptops to access Zoom video conferencing and Google Classroom to make material more accessible to modern learning habits.

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Upcoming Class Dates

Prelicense Upcoming Schedule 2021

March 15- May 17 Mon/Wed

April 13- June 15 Tue/Thu

6 :00 pm- 10:00 pm

Night Courses

Postlicensing Schedule 2021 

#302 Mar  13, 14, 20, 21

#303 Apr 10, 11, 17, 18

#301 Apr 24, 25 May 1,2

#302 May 15,16 22, 23



Bachelor of Arts degree from

Mars Hill University;

Master of Arts degree from

East Tennessee State University; 

Master of Education Administration degree from Grand Canyon University.

Your instructor, Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas is an educator of 28 years, with online distance  experience and certification. He's also a former football coach & master motivator.

Classes are capped to ensure that each student can be heard in class discussions.

Brad’s experience with and understanding of learning pedagogy serves as the centerpiece of his instructional methods. This is coupled with his passion for learning and motivation. Come learn with Brad!

School Director, professional educator, 

prelicense instructor & tutor

27 years of experience as a teacher

at the secondary and post-secondary levels

Certified Distance Education Instructor (IDECC)

Former real estate instructor career

at Cumbie and Trull in Asheville, NC.

Member of the Henderson County Board of Realtors



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